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Trees & Hedges

We carry out tree maintenance throughout the year keeping trees in their best possible condition. Tree services are mainly carried out between the autumn and winter months, whilst most garden trees are best pruned between late October and early March.

This is not a determined regulation, however it is good place to start when it comes to your planning. Our team of highly skilled tree surgeons can advise you on what would be most effective in terms of what work needs to be done and when the work should be carried out. This will all be discussed during an initial consultation with one of our experts who will go through the process step by step as well as giving you a quote.

As well as carrying out tree maintenance, We can also maintain your hedges, keeping them tidy and attractive. Whether you have a small privet hedge or a fully grown conifer hedge, we have extensive experience with every type, size and style.

Our skilled team have been known to take on challenges of the most overgrown and unruly hedges, transforming them into a complete work of art.

We’ll be glad to discuss a number of options and help you decide on the one that best suits your garden and your budget. All of our hedge work carried out is in compliance with the “High Hedges Act,” so you and your neighbours can be at ease.

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